Teeth Need Stability


Teeth need stability. We therefore concentrate on prevention, treatment and aftercare of periodontal diseases. Utilizing the latest technology we can preserve your natural teeth.

Periodontitis is an Inflammation of the Jawbone

Periodontitis is an infectious disease of the jawbone whereby the periodontium (tooth supporting structure) is destroyed. The term “Paradontosis” is often incorrectly used in colloquial language.
Periodontitis is caused by special micro organisms or bacteria that adhere to plaque and calculus (concrement) below the gum line. These micro organisms produce toxins or poisons which cause the inflammation in the periodontal pockets.
Healthy gums are firm, rosy colored and do not bleed when being touched. Red, swollen and bleeding gums and chronic bad breath characterize the periodontal disease. At this stage we talk about a gingivitis, which untreated results in a periodontitis.

Gums and jaw recede – painless

Inevitable consequences: Gums and jawbone recede, resulting in apparent lengthening and loosening of teeth. In the early stages periodontitis is largely painless and has an insidious progression.

There are also very rapid and aggressive types of periodontitis. To stop it in time it is most important to take the first symptoms seriously and have them treated. Statistics have proved that periodontitis in adults beyond the age of 40 causes more tooth loss than caries and almost 70% of the age of over 50 are suffering from this disease.

Periodontal disease can be harmful for the entire body

Periodontitis can be dangerous for your entire body. Bacteria, located in the inflamed and bleeding periodontal pockets, can enter the circulatory system and thus causing an inflammation in the body with severe general illness.
An increased risk of stroke, heart attacks and arteriosclerosis is scientifically discussed at present. Follow-up studies have proved that patients with periodontitis had an up to 1.7 times higher risk to develop a coronary heart disease.
Periodontitis can lead to underweight premature babies and encourage diabetes.
Something that many patients do not know: stress, smoking and lack of vitamins can have a negative influence on the condition of the gums!

If you should notice any signs of having a periodontitis please consult us as soon as possible.