We Treat you like a Friend

Our Philosophy

As health is most precious, we put you first all the time. All decisions are not only been made with you as a partner, but we also will make every effort to sustainably support the health and beauty of your teeth. Therefore, we are focused on consequent prevention. It is equally important to us, that you have the feeling of being in good hands with us. Up to date medical equipment and treatment is of course as much important to us as a comfortable environment.

We highly appreciate your confidence, listen to you carefully, take as much time as you need and do our very best: We treat you like a friend. We want you to return with pleasure – ideally “only” for your routine checkup every six months.


Everything for your Well-Being – and against Fears and Worries

Many people don’t like visiting the dentist. They are even afraid of it. We are aware of these problems and have a range of solutions to overcome them:

Short Waiting Times 
Less is more! We schedule sufficient time for our appointments. Thus waiting time is significantly below 10 minutes on average. Many patients come into our office and are next immediately. Time for building up fears is very short!

Relaxing Atmosphere
Maybe you know the situation. Already in front of the door you smell that there is a dental practice behind. We avoid substances which distribute this characteristic smell. Fresh flowers and regular ventilation will do the rest. Our rooms are air-conditioned so nobody has to break sweat in summer.

Detailed Explanations
We explain all stages of treatment and its possible effects on your wellbeing – in the calm atmosphere of our consulting room.

Microscopic Treatment
We work with a dental microscope. Teeth to be treated are perfectly magnified and illuminated. The advantage for you: The better we detect potential damages at your teeth the more precise and less extensive we can eliminate them. The smaller the treated area the less the possible pain.

Multimedia Distraction
In the open waiting area you can pass your time with magazines or even an iPad. And on the dentist’s chair? There is a number of movies that you can watch with our video glasses

Partial or Full Anaesthesia 
If you should belong to the patients with an adamant dental anxiety we recommend a narcosis. We treat you while you are asleep.