State of-the-art medical technology

Our equipment

To treat you as careful- and successfully as possible we are consequently focused on state -of- the-art methods and dental technology. Get an impression of our equipment and the associated benefits for you!

Digital Smile Design™

Visualize beforehand how your beautiful, new teeth will match your personality. No matter if you get a crown, bridge, an implant or veneers.


CEREC™ Ceramic Restauration

With Cerec we manufacture porcelain fillings and crowns in a single treatment session – without dental impression. They are aesthetic and long lasting and save you from wearing an inconvenient provisional restoration.


Dental microscope

Utmost precision is required in dentistry. Working with greatest care and using a dental microscope, we are able to meet this requirement


Laser – Fluorescence Caries Detection Diagnodent

To increase perfection in identifying caries, we routinely use laser based fluorescence detectors. These detect caries, when it is hardly visible for the human eye.


Intraoral Camera

Trust is good, but control is better! Following this principle, we clearly explain diagnosis and therapy to you – by means of enlarged pictures of your teeth or gum.


Apex Finder

The endometric measuring is – besides x-ray and tactility – currently the most pecise method to measure the root canal’s lenght – and thus primarily contributes to your successful treatment!


Video Glasses

You are afraid of the treatment? Video glasses are a good way of distractraction! You watch a fascinating movie and forget the world arround you. Drilling noise? You will not notice anymore.