Clean teeth don't get caries. Never!


Who does not dream of having all natural teeth until old age, to laugh heartily and eat with pleasure? This precious quality of life should not be given up!

Why a professional cleaning? I clean my teeth every day!

Yes, but only regular dental cleanings can provide a permanently good oral health. Home care alone cannot remove plaque completely. Your toothbrush only reaches 70-80% of the tooth surface! Studies have clearly shown the effectivity of professional dental cleanings. Thus, the highest reduction of decay (up to 90%) can be expected when fluoride gel together with regular professional cleanings are applied.

A professional cleaning should be a constant part of each treatment. Prevention is of central importance to preserve oral health. There is no other field in medicine – than dentistry – where diseases can be avoided, diagnosed in time or a deterioration can be prevented. There is no age where prophylaxis does not work.

Procedure of the cleaning

A professional teeth cleaning (PTC) consists of :

  • Thorough examination of your home oral care as well as your individual risk. A special substance is applied to your teeth to make plaque visible.
  • Complete removal of all stains, tartar and plaque, cleaning of all inter-dental spaces by flossing or using inter-dental brushes, tooth scaling and tooth polishing.
  • Advice, instruction and motivation for continuous improvement of your home oral hygiene with adequate appliances or tools.
  • A fluoridation of your teeth concludes the cleaning.

We take our time for all that, at least one hour. You will see and feel the difference


Professional teeth cleaning is an indispensable contribution to dental and general health. It is a vital component and integral part of a modern dental concept
We normally recommend a PTC every 6 month. According to your individual risk other intervals may be possible.
Even “Stiftung Warentest” recommend in their brochure “Ratgeber Zähne 2003”: “The professional oral hygiene is absolutely recommendable. Healthy patients should have them once or twice a year. Patients with pockets which are deep and difficult to care should rather have them three or four times a year. Expenses might be painful when several PTC´s are necessary. But when an excellent job is done, the money is a good investment. Patients with regular PTC`s have healthier teeth than those who rely on their own oral hygiene. They often save expenses for crowns, implants and gum surgery.”

Healthy teeth and healthy gums for a lifetime – with the right prophylaxis everyone can achieve this goal with us!