Fillings and Crowns of Ceramic in a Single Appointment – Without Dental Impression

CEREC Ceramic Reconstruction

With CEREC we offer you a modern method of manufacturing ceramic (porcelain) fillings and crowns. This combines a lot of comfort and many more convincing benefits for you:

  • fabulous aesthetics
  • high durability
  • no dental impressions
  • no temporaries

Manufacturing in Bio-compatible and Tooth Coloured FinePorcelain

The CEREC system manufactures all-ceramic porcelain inlays, on-lays, partial crowns and veneers, as well as crowns for the anterior and posterior teeth. These consist of bio-compatible, metal-free and tooth coloured porcelain and can be integrated at the same treatment session – no impressions and temporaries are required.

Procedure of Treatment

A 3D photo of the tooth to be treated is taken with the CEREC tooth camera. There is no need to take impressions. We then design the restoration on the computer. An all-ceramic CEREC block is then precisely and fully automatically carved by the CEREC milling machine to produce your new restoration within a few minutes. We now can integrate your restoration and fit it


Durable as Gold

Many studies reveal that the durability of CEREC restorations is comparable with that of gold restorations. Those have been considered in dentistry as the most durable up to now.

(The CEREC method was developed by Prof. W. Mörmann and Dr. M. Brandestini at Zürich University in 1980.)