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Leave our pratice after only one treatment
with beautiful fixed teeth (restorations)

Apex Locator - the electronic method to the perfect root canal length

The measurement of the correct length of the root canal is one of the most important steps during root canal treatment. Electronic apex location can lower the amount of x-rays and lead to a higher success rate of root canal treatments.

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Diagnodent – caries diagnosis with highest precision

To increase perfection in identifying caries we routinely use a laser based fluorescence measuring device. This completely pain- and harmless method detects caries when it is hardly visible for the human eye - and thus making many a drilling unnecessary.

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Intraoral camera – explanation in picture and word

Trust is good but control is better! Following this principle we clearly explain diagnosis and therapy to you – by means of enlarged pictures of your teeth or gum which we have taken with handy sized intraoral cameras.

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DigitalSmileDesign™ – you will look like that later

Beautiful teeth enhance our self confidence and attractiveness. No wonder that you wish to see the aesthetical outcome of crowns, bridges, implants or veneers prior to your dental treatment. With DigitalSmileDesign™ we can make this possible for you!


In-house dental lab - faster, better, flexible

To create your new, beautiful teeth faster and better, Nobis+Ganß operates a dental laboratory under the supervision of our dental mastertechnician Elena Tscherny (Zahntechnikermeisterin).

The advantages are clear: time savings and control of all technical procedures. The dental technician is able to check the color and shape of the teeth in person and fit them individually to each person.

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Nice, to have you with us! Get a first impression of us, our team,
our comfortable environment and our medical technology which enables us
to treat you according to the most up to date scientific knowledge.

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"Moderne Zahnmedizin - einfach erklärt": This is the name of the blog where we regularly post in German. The posts inform you about different topics of modern dentistry and are explained in an easy and understandable manner.

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If you receive a dental hygiene or get prothodontic work done, you expect the highest quality and service. In addition you want to be sure to be treated according to the newest scientific Standards. That is the reason why Nobis+Ganß is part of the goDentis network - a quality control system for dentists.

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